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Good morning everyone,

As you know, our priority for Term 1 has been to support all our children’s Health & Wellbeing during this ever changing time. I would like to therefore draw your attention to some further updates:

New staff member – I am delighted to be welcoming Mr Lucas Fenton from the Active Schools team. We have hired Mr Fenton, who is a Modern Apprentice, to work with groups of our children throughout the year. Mr Fenton shall be covering a range of H&W learning, beginning this term with P1/2 and P6. He shall be with us every Thursday. We welcome Mr Fenton to the school; as a semi-professional footballer, I am sure the pupils will love learning from his fitness experience.

Play & Learn zones – As from today, we have introduced larger zones for all the classes. Pupils shall now be zoned into 3 areas of the playground and shall use this for their leisure during breaks as well as learning with their class teacher. So far, I have heard of lots of smiley faces all-round.

PE – Taking into consideration the updated PE guidance issued last week by the Scottish Gov, we still must ensure we are delivering all PE sessions outside. We can however now introduce limited equipment to our lessons which is a welcomed next step. These pieces of equipment shall be thoroughly sanitised before and after use, and although no sharing of equipment is still permitted, we feel this is a positive step to allowing us to deliver the PE curriculum.
PE shall now be taking place on the MUGA. So that we can set up equipment and a cleaning station for the day, the Muga shall be now used solely for PE sessions throughout the week; delivered by all staff, as well as sessions from Active Schools.
PE clothing – Another reminder please, that on days that children do have PE, can they please come to school in their PE Uniform. This uniform ensures that they are able to take part in PE fully. The Muga is a super spot for PE, however it does require trainers as these have more grip and joggy bottoms to ensure we do not have lots of scraped knees.

Pencil Cases – I would like to thank everyone who has sent their child to school with a wipeable pencil case. This is a huge support to us throughout the school. Unfortunately we still have a number who do not have a pencil case and are as a result sharing stationery. As we all await further updates from the government, insisting on a pupil having their own set of stationery is a move I may have to take. Your support and cooperation really helps here in this.

School Uniform – As you are aware, we have been giving families the option to attend school in a more relaxed non-uniform for Term 1.
As we come back from the school October break, I would like to remind everyone that school uniform will be expected. With that said, we would like to reiterate that the relaxed black/navy joggy trousers or leggings that many of you are already using, are perfectly acceptable after October also. These can be worn with a school t-shirt and red school jumper and still looks as equally smart. During these financially strained times, I do not want families buying new and fresh uniform when it is not needed.

October holidays – A reminder if any of you are planning an October holiday to a country which does require quarantining afterwards, please inform us at your earliest convenience.

Scooters/Bikes to school – We encourage pupil to ride to school on a bike or scooter. Please can I ask that parents support our rule of no scootering or cycling around the entrance to the school. A) Because of social distancing across classes/families and B) To support our school rule of no cycling and scooting in the playground.
Pupils must dismount before the gate and walk into and from school with their bikes/scooters. A new line shall be sprayed in the coming days to support a dismount point for the pupils.

I thank you all for your continued support.


S J M McKenzie

Ms Suz McKenzie
Head Teacher