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Dear Primary Head Teacher
Please see below for link to the second edition of the Instrumental Music Service’s newsletter.  To view, please click on “Go to this Sway”.
The main article in the newsletter is the Follow the Band live stream which takes place this Friday, 19 June.  Please click here to view the Follow the Band Live Stream.  Please note, this live stream link will not be available until 10am on Friday, 19 June.  If viewed prior to this, you will be unable to access.  Please share this link as much as possible.
Thank you for supporting the IMS Teams that have been set up.  We are already noticing an impact on the pupil participation in these Teams where a Principal Teacher/Head Teacher/Faculty Head is interacting within this Team, even if it is just occasionally.
We continue to support young musicians through the use of Teams and after the Summer will be able to provide online 1-1 group lessons through Google Meet.
Perth & Kinross Instrumental Music Service - Issue 2
Service Update
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If you have any queries, please let me know.
Kind Regards
Allan Young
Music Co-ordinator
Instrumental Music Service
Education & Children’s Services
Perth & Kinross Council
North Inch Community Campus