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About Our School

On behalf of everyone at Abernethy PS, I would like to extend a warm welcome.

In Abernethy, we recognise that every child is unique with a variety of abilities and needs.  We strive to recognise and fulfil these needs, in order for all children to reach their full potential.
We are a Sports Gold Award for the second time and Eco School with Green flag status.  We promote each childs sense of responsibility and respect for themselves, others, their community and the world they live in.

We in Abernethy Primary are one of 11 Primary Feeder schools for Perth High School.

At Abernethy we value the importance of good relationships between home and school and seek to work closely with you throughout your child’s school career. Parents are always very welcome to come and meet the Class Teacher, Principal Teacher and/or the Head Teacher to discuss their child’s education and wellbeing. 

School Values

R  Respect
E  Equality
C  Cooperation
H  Honesty

A  Acceptance
R  Resilience

School Aims

Our School Community will:
< help us work together, to be motivated and be responsible for own learning
< make our learning intersting, useful and challenging
< help us when we need it, to feel confident, safe and empowered to aim high
< help us be the best we can be, honest and kind, willing to try
< help everyone make good choices so we can be happy and healthy
< help us believe we can bounce back from setbacks in learning and life
< help us recognise and repect our differences and strengths
< help us contribute and respect our community and the world we live in
< share and celebrate our achievements in and out of school

S J McKenzie
Head Teacher


22-10-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 22-10-2021 12:35

End Time: 22-10-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Leek & Potato Soup with Crusty Bread (V), Breaded Fish with Chips & Baked Beans or Mixed Veg, Veggie Bites with Chips & Baked Beans (V), Baked Potato & Baked Beans with Carrot & Cucumber Sticks, Mixed Vegetables. (V) Vegetarian.

25-10-2021: Winter Term starts

Start Time: 25-10-2021

End Time: All Day Event

Additional Info: Perth & Kinross Council - School term and holiday dates (pkc.gov.uk)

25-10-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 25-10-2021 12:35

End Time: 25-10-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Tomato Soup (Ve) with Crusty Bread, Chicken Curry with Rice, Fish Fingers with Boiled Potatoes & Baked Beans, Cheese Roll* (V) with Rice & Pepper Salad, Sweetcorn. (V) Vegetarian (Ve) Vegan * May Contain Sesame Seeds.

26-10-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 26-10-2021 12:35

End Time: 26-10-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Chicken in Gravy with Yorkshire Pudding, Broccoli & Salmon Quiche with Roast Potatoes, Baked Potato with Baked Beans (Ve) & Coleslaw, Carrots, Jelly (Ve) with Peaches. (Ve) Vegan.

27-10-2021 12:35: Lunch Menu

Start Time: 27-10-2021 12:35

End Time: 27-10-2021 13:35

Additional Info: Bolognese Mince with Spaghetti, Macaroni Cheese with Crusty Bread (V), Ham Finger Roll* with Potato Salad, Peas, Chocolate Brownie with Banana Slices (V). (V) Vegetarian * May Contain Sesame Seeds.


Perth Museum October Roman Themed Events

Clanranald – A Roman Invasion!
Combat trained warriors and stunt combat performers in the blockbuster film ‘Gladiator’, Clanranald, are returning to Perth Museum & Art Gallery this October!
Learn all about Romans; what they wore, how they ate and who they fought. There will be the chance to handle weaponry, see the uniforms and chat with the team.
Time and Place
Date and time: Monday, 18th October from 11am-3pm
Venue: Perth Museum & Art Gallery.
Admission is free and on a drop-in basis.
Please note: Attendees will be asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines during this event and provide information for NHS Scotland’s Test & Protect upon arrival at the museum.

The Time Travelling Cook – Roman Bakery Special!
The Time Travelling Cook is returning to Perth Museum & Art Gallery! And this time, she’s going all the way back to ancient Rome!
After serving his time on the Antonine Wall as part of the illustrious Roman Legion, Pep has earned his freedom. But instead of travelling back to Cantium, Pep and his wife, Dionysia, have decided to set up a Popina in the town of Bertha.
‘Gregus Pistrina’ is the town’s first ‘fast-food’ bakery in the northern lands and aims to serve Romans and locals alike. Join Pep and Dionysia as they present typical Roman food and showcase the change in ingredients thanks to the indigenous people of the Northern Empire.
See if you can identify some of the classic Roman food, and don’t forget to pick up your free Gregus Pistrina recipe card!
Time and Place
Time: Saturday 23rd October, 11am-3pm
Place: Perth Museum & Art Gallery
Admission is free and on a drop-in basis.
This event is suitable for all ages, young and old!
Please note: Attendees will be asked to adhere to social distancing guidelines during this event and provide information for NHS Scotland’s Test & Protect upon arrival at the museum.

Thank you
Barbara Hamilton
Learning and Communities Officer
Culture Perth and Kinross


Message from Abernethy Beavers

We are glad to say that Abernethy Scout Group is settling back down to a more normal programme of activities, which are designed around engaging and supporting young people in their personal development and empowering them to make a positive contribution to society (while having lots of fun along the way!).

Due to all the disruptions over the past 18 months we are conscious that some children may have missed out on being able to start their Scouting journey as they would normally have done by joining Beavers when they turned 6. We would therefore like to make you aware that there are currently some spaces available for children aged either 6 or 7 to join Beavers now. We have just stopped for the October break, but will be restarting on Tuesday 26th October and the sessions run every Tuesday during school term time, 6.30-7.30pm at Powrie Park.

If your child is aged 6 or 7 and interested in joining please get in touch with the Abernethy Scout Group leader Gordon Miller (gordonmiller146@aol.com).

We would also like to invite parents of children aged 5 who are interested in joining to get in touch in order to go on to the waiting list. This will give them the best chance of being able to start right away when they turn 6.

Chris Farmer on behalf of Abernethy Scout Group



Message fromn Parenting & Family Learning Team

Virtual Solids Introduction poster


Letter to Parents and Carers from Jason Leitch National Clinical Director

The attached has also been emailed.

Letter to Parents and Carers from Jason Leitch National Clinical Director - 16 September 2021.pdf

P6/7 Bikeability

Dear P6/7 Parent/Carers

Reminder emails have been issued to P6/7 parents who have not yet consented to their child participating in Bikeability.  Please note this bikeability starts on Monday, 20 September so we need consents completed before then.

A copy of the letter is attached for your information, If you would prefer a paper copy please email abernethy@pkc.gov.uk to request.

Consent can also be issued by completing an on-line form here

Emma Roe

Emma Roe | School Admin | Education & Children’s Services | Abernethy Primary School | Main Street | Abernethy | PH2 9LA

Abernethy Bikeability Parent Letter.pdf

End of Term Donations (June 21)

For those of you with us last session, instead of receving end of term gifts, staff asked for donations to be made which would be given to local charity.

I can confirm that £191 was raised. Lighthouse of Perth will received £100 and the STV childrens Appeal will receive £91.

A big "Thank you" from all the staff at Abernethy 


Annual Date Checks

Annual data checks were issued on 3 September.  Thank you to those who have returned them, if you have not already done so can you please ensure these are returned by Friday, 17 September.

As you can imagine, it is important that all informaiton we hold is correct, particualrly contact details.

If you have any queries, please email abernethy@pkc.gov.uk

Emma Roe
Emma Roe | School Admin | Education & Children’s Services | Abernethy Primary School | Main Street | Abernethy | PH2 9LA


Morning & Afternoon arrangements

Good evening everyone,
I am writing to appeal to everyone to please ensure that we are working together to make the best out of the situation we have currently during our amended drop off and pick up times.
I have outlined below our main concerns and thank you all for your cooperation and help in this matter. If we work together and implement the plan in place properly, this would ensure the benefits outway the risks.

* We have seen a large increase in parents returning to using the drop off area - please be reminded this is not available at the moment due to the amount of pupils we have in the area. We encourage park an stride. The only vehicle in this area is school transport currently.
* We have asked that pupils are not dropped off and left unsupervised outside the main gate. Increasingly, we see this happening and for the safety of all, please note that there is no staff supervision prior to school and certainly not in the front entrance or main road.
* School Railings - After asking the pupils several times to not use the rails/walls outside the school during and out of school hours, I am now appealing for family support with this. Pupils have had several accidents lately using these and so I would ask that everyone is vigilant.
* Timings - Please can we keep to the timings that we have been given. Although siblings can be dropped off together in the morning, we see an increasing number of families hanging about outside the gates for long periods of time. Interestingly, we are increasingly seeing more at drop off than at the end of the day when we have staggered timings between families.
* Can parents of older pupils, remind pupils that they too must not attend the gates until their time.
* Face Coverings - As per Scottish Guidance, we ask that all parents & guardians continue to wear face coverings at drop off and pick up.
* Road Safety - A reminder to all families that the school car park is not an area to be standing or crossing with families. Staff start their day at various times throughout the morning and therefore the car park is busy and variable. The need for Road Safety reminders does not waver depending on age and stage. As mornings and nights start to draw in, this shall become ever more prevalent.

Regards, Ms McKenzie


NHS Covid Information Letter

The attached has been emailed home today.

Covid Information Letter.pdf

Flu immunisation consent forms

Consent forms were issued yesterday (31/08/21), these need to be returned by Monday, 6 September.

Emma Roe