Abernethy Primary School is located in the village of Abernethy 10 miles east of Perth. The very first Abernethy school opened on October 6th 1873. The school moved from the old premises on School Wynd in August 2002.  The building was extended in 2013 to accomodate a growing school roll and update the interior layout by increasing space for teaching and learning.
Abernethy Primary School is a place where everyone has the opportunity to develop attitudes, skills & knowledge which will enhance their future lives. 
We currently have 6 classrooms and a nursery. We also have a gym /dining hall, General purpose room, library and 2 learning areas.

Head Teacher     Ms Suz McKenzie
Principal Teacher Mrs Morag Hodgkinson
P1/2 Mrs D MacDonald & Mrs C Livingstone
Primary 3 Mrs S Parmar
Primary 4 Mrs M Hodgkinson & Mrs K Barnacle
Primary 5/6 Mrs Hardie & Mrs Livingstone
Primary 6 Mrs E Murray
Primary 7 Mrs L Hepburn
Pupil Support Teacher Mrs L Martin
RCCT / PE Mrs H Garrett
Early Childhood Practitioners Miss J Macdonald & Mrs J Shearer
Play Assistant Ms K Thomas
Clerical Assistant Mrs E Roe
Primary School Support Assistants Mrs S Ritchie, Mrs B Ferguson
Pupil Support Assistants  Mrs L Anderson, Mrs J Murdoch & Mrs B Ferguson
Lunchtime Supervisor Ms M Laing
School Cook Mrs J Illingworth
Catering Assistants Mrs A Craib & Mrs C Russell


Pupils in our school are assigned to 1 of our 3 houses. 
< Ballo - house colour red
< Farg - house colour green
< Nethy - house colour yellow
Throughout the year, various activities and events are organised which allow pupils to work within their house groups.
House points are awarded in recognition of positive behaviour and pupil achievements. These are totalled  by the House Captains who present the results at our weekly assembly. The winning house is rewarded by an extended playtime.
The House Cup is awarded to the group with the most points at the end of the school year.


Ms McKenzie

Head Teacher

Mrs Hodgkinson

Principal Teacher & P4 Class Teacher

Mrs Parmar

P3 Teacher

Mrs Hardie

P5/6 Class Teacher

Miss Macdonald


Mrs Shearer


Ms Thomas